Friday, November 30, 2012

Work Your Style

Happy Friday Lovelies!!

Like we do each and every Friday, I'd like to introduce you to another woman who's making big strides in her profession, and following her own fashion rules while doing so. Meet Stella - equal parts high-powered attorney and daring fashionista. Check out her work wear style below:

Office culture: 
My company is  business casual attire. Most people are in basic white, blue, and black but I NEED color so I'm typically in something bright to brighten up the office.
Philosophy on work wear: 
I think being an attorney, you sometimes think you have to look a "certain" way. I followed the  black skirt, white shirt model for about two weeks and was miserable! I quickly decided to switch things up and dress how I feel, yet still maintain the professional look. The majority of the time, I'm at my desk so didn't really understand why I needed to comply with this boring "look like an attorney" mold.  I get compliments at work all the time, so I'm glad I decided to be me and not what attorneys are "supposed" to look like. There's a time and place for everything so the "attorney suit" stays in my office in case an impromptu client meeting or hearing comes up;-)
Go-to work outfit: 
When I'm feeling lazy or in a hurry I immediately go for a dress, throw on a blazer on top and I'm out the door!.

As a fellow attorney, I am inspired by your decision to play by your own fashion rules! Keep shaking it up at that office lovely! See more of Shella's looks at


Bloggers and non-bloggers alike are welcome to submit their favorite work-wear looks. Just answer the questions above and send in your photos to 


  1. I love all of her looks but my absolute favorite is the yellow with the gray and black skirt. She looks professional, fashinable, and age appropriate all at the same time! Great job!

  2. I love her style. She has such a flair, but still manages to look polished. I LOVE her first look. Headed over to check out her blog now!

  3. Love her style especially the one with the yellow top and blazer. Very cute!

  4. With this new post I'm really beginning to love this feature Jillian! This is a great inspiration for the young career crowd. Great way to highlight other bold yet work appropriate fashionistas like you!

  5. I love the yellow with the grey and black skirt outfit!

    Thanks for such a great feature. =)

    1. Thanks PensiveFashionista! Grey & yellow became one of my fav combo's after that outfit!

  6. love the yellow, quite stimulating...
    Simply Jyune

  7. I really love this feature! As a law student, it is still a challenge to find a balance between fashionable and professional, always erring on the side caution. But this gives some inspiration and hope that I don't have to get an entirely new wardrobe (especially on a law student's budget).

    1. Hi Future Esq.! You def don't need to get a new wardrobe, Esquires are fashionable too! Best of luck in law school dear;-)

  8. Hello dear!! i am loving this feature honey!!! I have been away for a lil bit but I am back the looks!!!!

  9. Huge thank you to Jillian for letting me showcase my workwear on her amazing blog! Excited for the next feature!