Friday, December 21, 2012

Work Your Style

Hey Loves,

It's time for us to celebrate the work style of yet another lovely NuSophisticate reader. Ms. Anitha is a mommy/blogger/banker and all around stylish lady. Check out her style and show her some love!



Office culture: 
I work in a bank and our dress code is Corporate/ business attire with the exception of Friday's where you can dress down a little. We do not have a suit uniform as some of the banks do and thank God for that so people generally wear whatever they feel like wearing but keeping in line with the dress code guidelines of a professional look, no sleeveless, no African print (this we break all the time LOL), no sandals and no Jeans (I also play around with this one on Friday's with coloured jeans). I live in Africa and we love our colours and prints, although I may go a little overboard sometimes because for me the brighter the better.

Philosophy on work wear: 
As a corporate relationship manager I am the face of the bank to the clients and hence my appearance matters. I like clean, put together looks for work, other than that whatever looks good and is comfortable then I make it work, I love being creative with my clothes and I love challenging myself to wear my clothes in more than one way, so all my clothes can be worn to work with just a little imagination.

Go-to work outfit: 
Pencil skirt, plain T-shirt mostly white, a statement necklace or a collar necklace, pointy toe pumps, a cardigan or blazer on top.

Well, Anitha I must say that I love your looks and am inspired by the fact that you are a mommy and a professional. If you like Anitha as much as I do, you can check her out on her blog at!

You guys are bringing the heat with these work your style features. I love and appreciate the fact that you ladies are willing to share a little of you with me. Keep em coming!



  1. Lovely outfits!! :) So chic and proffessional!

  2. Second outfit is on point! Happy holidays missy :)

  3. I do understand all that "dress code" that go with working in the banks in Africa and it's nice that you found a way to work around it by incorporating lots of color into your outfits. The yellow dress with the tan bag is my favorite look..Nice

  4. I love the floral top and blazer with the pink jeans!

  5. i loved this, i'll be finishing college in 2013, and im appreciate that women in the professional workforce can still be fashionable forward =)!!

  6. So cool to see her incorporating her personality into her work looks.

  7. Thank you ladies!!...and thank you Jillian for the feature!!


  8. U deserve to be congratulated,u look good in all outfit,I real love u Miss Anitha and the way u dress my dear.

    Lilian Tarimo

  9. Anitha is simply an inspiration to all the ladies out you girl.xoxo

  10. I like the fact that all outfits are wearable...and anyone can put em together with less work...happy holidays Anitha and Jillian u are all doing great work to bring fashion into lives of many working hard workers and cute ladies out there...much luv

  11. lv the way she dress up... keep it up lv

  12. I love the jewel toned (blue) dress, the argyle sweater/vest and the floral prints!

  13. HONGERA SANA ANITHA....I am one of your biggest fans from Tanzania who lives in America. I am so proud
    of you sharing our Afro-Tanzanian fashion sense. And thanks a lot Jillian for showcasing pioneers of African fashion blogs like Anita in your lovely blog!!!